Danger of Drinking During Lunch

Danger of Drinking During Lunch

Getting used drink when eating is not good for the digestive process in the stomach. Water that is taken together with food will make the production of fluid in the digestive reduced. As a result, the process of digesting food to be imperfect. In some people, this practice raises a problem in the digestive consequences.

Many people drink water at mealtimes with a reason to make it easier to go down the food from the throat into the stomach. Thus, this activity is considered normal for such a trivial matter. Keep in mind, when the food reaches the stomach, the imminent release of process fluid (enzyme) digestion. This liquid will be absorbed through the colon and intestinal walls to help absorb the food.

If you do eat interspersed drinking, drinking water so come absorbed in the intestinal wall with digestive juices. As a result, the intestinal wall becomes thicker and the ability to absorb nutrients is reduced. The food was then digested through the abdominal wall or stomach. The effects can be serious, because it can cause acid reflux and liver (liver) such as burned.

Drink water during meals can also cause insulin levels spike, almost like the way the food (which has) a high glycemic impact. The more insulin is released into your bloodstream, the more likely you are to store fat in the body, “says Shonali Sabherwal, counselor microbiotic from India, as quoted by the Times of India.

So that this problem does not disrupt your digestive health, it is advisable to drink water two hours before and after meals. This method greatly helps the absorption of nutrients from food in the intestines. Also, avoid foods that are too salty to be thirsty when you eat is not the case. And, chew food longer so that food becomes soft. Thus, enzymes in the digestive fluids reproduced more.

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