Climate Change Increases Respiratory Disease

Climate Change Increases Respiratory Disease

From asthma, difficulty breathing, and even pneumonia.

Climate change triggers rising temperature of the earth more clearly threaten human health by the increased number of cases of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) 

“We’ve had to focus on the fact that climate change is impacting on human health,” said Director of Communicable Disease Control Direct, H.M.Subuh, Friday (9/22).

He said that with climate change, a growing number of cases of respiratory infection such as coughing, asthma, breathing difficulties, and even pneumonia.

“This danger, Pneumonia, for example, if not immediately addressed its high mortality rate,” said Subuh.

Unfortunately, according to Subuh, most patients come to health facilities in a state of suffering from severe pneumonia that is very difficult to help.

“Maybe it’s just the Great Hospital only that has the ability to handle cases of severe pneumonia,” he said.

In addition to ARI, climate change also led to an increase in cases of diarrhea, especially in children.

Health Research Association conducted MoH conducted in 2007 and 2010 showed complications Diarrhea is a leading cause of death for Toddlers, reaching 12.7 percent.

Subuh explained in developed countries, droughts caused by climate change could still be anticipated well as the ability of water supply procurement. Unfortunately, in developing countries like Indonesia capabilities are not adequate.

Climate change also threatens the health effects of heat waves or heatstroke. He added that countries such as the United States has had good cooperation with the Agency for Meteorology and Climatology, so it can be estimated how many deaths will occur due to too high a temperature.

According to Subuh, Ministry of Health does not have such a systematic cooperation with BMKG. “In the future we must build a partnership,” he said.

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