Children Education, The Importance of Early Dental Care

Children Education

Problems oral hygiene is often considered trivial. Though it has a very important role, not only for health but also the aesthetics. Therefore, both the dental care habits should be inculcated early in order to carry into adulthood.

Tasya Kamila singer claimed to feel true benefits of dental hygiene habits and oral.

“Since childhood I was familiar brushing properly. Else for dental care every 6 months to go to the dentist. Whether it is when there is a complaint or not. Till the age of my 20 years, I have never felt such pain and none of the teeth My teeth are hollow, “said the singer who is famous for the song Shepherd’s Son, the activities of the establishment of dental health volunteers in kindergarten Pertiwi Kuningan, Thursday (2/21).

Trisha who is also the ambassador of a toothpaste product is claimed to keep the teeth from an early age gave a positive thing for the health of your teeth and mouth.

“I became more confident with the teeth clean and healthy, especially my job requires dealing with many people,” he said.

According Relationship Manager Professional Oral Care PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk Ratu Mirah Afifah Drg GCClindent DMSc, efforts to maintain oral hygiene is the most basic is to brush your teeth the right way and the right time. Try rubbing or brushing your teeth twice a day ie after breakfast or a meal in the morning and at night before bed.

He said the correct way is to brush your teeth should be clean of food scraps. And to know the condition of the teeth and to keep it well maintained consult your dentist at least every six months.

“In fact, the awareness of the people of Indonesia to go to the dentist is still low. They would go to the dentist when their teeth are feeling ill or have other abnormalities that make them feel uncomfortable. In fact, dental care is necessary at least six months, “he said.

The level of education is also a factor low to go to the dentist. They’re going to the doctor when he complained of pain, but to the dentist not only treat but also maintenance.

Data from the West Java Health Office, 90 percent of the teeth of children under the age of 5-10 were damaged. The damage is experienced from mild to severe damage.

Chief Nursing Program D3 Dental Health Polytechnic Bandung Drg Goddess Sodja Laela M.Kes admitted, the number of elementary school students in the area of West Java that require dental care to 10 thousand children, but only 10 percent of that can be handled. This is due to lack of manpower and dental facilities.

In Kuningan itself from the existing 37 centers only 13 new health centers that perform medical services dental services was not all done by a dentist. It certainly should be a concern.

However, he said, prevention is better and easier than cure. Prevention of dental disease is very easy, by brushing your teeth at least 2 times at about the right time, in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed, was shown to reduce the risk of tooth decay by 50%.

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