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Infant growth process should continue to be monitored. That is why, the baby should be routine for doctors to perform health checks. Not only weigh, measure body length, and head circumference alone. But also need to be examined motor skill development.

Monitoring the baby’s development will give good impact for the growth process. In the clinical report, the panel of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), as quoted by Reuters Health, said the diagnosis and treatment can correct problems early hopes of helping children and families receive additional support.

Therefore, parents need to bring the baby to the doctor regularly to get a checkup. The doctor will then examine babies and children in order to determine whether there is a delay in the development of motor skills, such as difficulty sitting, standing, and talking.

By Meghann Lloyd, who examined motor development at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Canada, to recognize abnormalities and motor delays in children, hope, can make them be in a better developmental trajectory.

To that end, Dr.. Nortiz Garey and colleagues, the expert panel neuromotor screening AAP describes the capabilities that a child should make a visit to the doctor when she was 9, 18, 30, and 48 months. Of course that child development can be monitored well.

For instance, the nine-month-old baby should be able to roll to either side, sitting well without support and reaching or grasping objects. At age 18 months, children should be walking, sitting, and standing by itself.

“We hope that people can more quickly to a specialist and get an earlier diagnosis,” said Dr. Garey. Indeed, there are normal variations in child development. For example, when a child is late to run for two months parents should not need too sad.

But the delay is longer or there is a combination of a lot of motor problems, is the perfect excuse for parents to pay a visit to the pediatrician. “This type of development does not seem correct another, such as spasms or stiffness or repetitive motor movements could there be another alert sign for me,” said Meghann.

Motor delays are common and are not a result of other, more serious conditions, can be treated with physical therapy or occupational. Cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are two of the most common diseases related to motor and both can be identified and addressed early.

In general, it is recommended that clinicians measure the circumference of the head and check the muscles, reflexes, and eye movements.

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