Causes of Stomach Cramps and How to Overcome It

Causes of Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps or discomfort (pain) in the abdomen due to contraction or spasm of the organs in the abdominal cavity can be derived from the content of organs or organs outside the womb as from the gastrointestinal tract or from the urinary tract (urethra). Have you ever felt the pain and stiffness in the stomach may suddenly appear during the move? It is a hallmark of stomach cramps.

What is the cause of stomach cramps?

Stomach cramps can be caused by many things, from meals, drinks, stress, can also occur during menstruation. Many events a person experiences cramps late eating and long in an air-conditioned room. Stomach cramps can also occur because of an empty stomach suddenly entered spicy or acidic foods.

Why the stomach cramps?

Abdominal cramps occur due to muscle contraction, inflammation or it could be due to wrong eating. This is not a disease but it is one of the early symptoms of the disease in the body such as the stomach, ulcer, gall bladder problems, hernia or other organs.

How to overcome stomach cramps

  • With the bottle / towel warmer water: warm temperature of the water bottles can help to relax muscles and relieve pain caused by abdominal cramps. You could also try putting a warm towel on the abdomen.
  • Drinking water: increase drinking water as stomach cramps, because water can reduce acid levels in the stomach. Also reduces the consumption of coffee, tea and alcoholic drinks because it will make the pain increased.
  • To overcome these stomach cramps try traditional medicine like this: chilli leaves Java provide (3 pieces), water (1 cup). Puree 3 leaves chili / chili java, then pour 1 cup of hot water. Drinking water is the herb for stomach cramps while warm.
  • Take all parts of the cardamom plant to taste and 1 cup water. Wash off all the plants of cardamom. Boil 1 cup of water to the boil, strain and drink boiled water first while warm.
  • Changing eating habits: an effective way to avoid cramps is to change unhealthy eating habits. Avoid eating spicy foods, fatty foods and consume carbonated beverages. Eat slowly and chew food properly so that the digestive system works perfectly.
  • Perform light exercise such as walking, cycling or swimming. Do regularly 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes each workout. It is useful to relax the muscles and joints and reduces fluid retention.

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