Cause, Sign and Symptoms of Beriberi Disease

Cause, Sign and Symptoms of Beriberi Disease

Beriberi disease is a disease of the nerves caused by a shortage of food in the section called ancurian or thiamin (vitamin B1). Early discovery of the disease was a prolonged battle in the days leading to the natural and beneficial food sources are hard to find so the  beriberi disease appeared.

The cause of beriberi disease

The cause of beriberi disease, actually due to lack of vitamin B1. Food sources that contain Vitamin B1 is red rice, egg yolks, milk, liver, heart, brain, corn, carrots, green beans, and yeast. Functions of Vitamin B1 is keeping the water balance in the body, helps the absorption of fats in the intestines, and helps the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Signs and symptoms of beriberi disease

  • Greatly reduced appetite.
  • Limbs quickly accomplish when standing or walking a little longer.
  • Feet and hands feel numb and weak.
  • The veins of the calf pain and difficult if you’re going to walk.
  • Sore heel.
  • Foot was swollen, and when pressed with thumb tip, there was a depression that is difficult to recover.

Beriberi disease is divided into three types:

Dry beriberi disease:

Symptoms are thick legs and tingling in the limbs. Then the muscles become tired and his strength is reduced, often shortness of breath and heart palpitations when little activity.

Wet beriberi disease:

Characterized by a swelling in the feet, legs, even in the face and other limbs. This swelling is filled with fluid which when pressed turns can not be right back and feel the pain.

Beriberi heart disease:

Marked gut feeling pressure, shortness of breath, and palpitations while activity. These symptoms can appear suddenly and instantly heavy, so people can die in a short time.

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