Carefully before purchasing snacks for kids

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In the market there are hundreds of street food in containers for children. So in order not wrong to buy, it’s good to look at tips from nutrition expert from the Philippines, Joan Sumpio, FND, FPAN, such as the following:

1. Read from the front of pack (FOP)

* Look for the sign or the claim that the product offers essential nutrients. A product may claim to contain special materials or provide a long list contains a variety of vitamins and minerals.

* When having to choose between two products with the same nutritional claims, look for the words that support these products as “clinically proven”.

* Find a statement that the product is supported by nutritionists, is not only famous figure.

* When a product states it contains complete nutrition, know that nutrients interact and react with each other so that it could be some components become available in the product.

2. Read from the back of pack (BOP)

• View Nutritional Information table. If the product claims to have vitamins and minerals in the front yard, but you do not find it in this list nutrition information, most likely the product label is misleading or deceptive.

• When comparing the two products, look at the Nutrition Information table and select the offer “negative material” fewer, such as sugar, sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fat, total fat in general.

• If the material is written in FOP and promises certain benefits, look at the list of raw materials in the BOP. When was significant in terms of quantity, certain materials should not be written before the end of the list of raw materials.

There are a few labels that claim and highlight the benefits of a particular material, but the amount is not significant. Such a claim is groundless.

• See tips presentation (recommended serving size).

Ideal products recommended amount (like 30 grams, or 1 tablespoon, or 1 cup) to get a number of nutrients, better than you have to eat more to get the extra nutrients.

• When comparing the amount of nutrients in food products, using the same unit of measurement. Some manufacturers choose to use milligrams rather than grams, just to make their products more nutritious plus or offer content to make it look better.

3. Find out about the manufacturers are to be believed

Prescription products are company secrets, and generally the manufacturer will not reveal the specifics offhand formula label their products. Choose a product only if you are sure that the manufacturer of the product has a high standard in the processing, packaging, transportation, and storage of food.

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