“Busy Lifestyle Syndrome” Make Someone Becomes Forgetful

"Busy Lifestyle Syndrome" Make Someone Becomes Forgetful

Lifestyle is too busy and versatile solid information makes the brain select and sort the important information is stored.

Often forgotten the PIN number, the title of a very popular movie, until the office phone number? You are not alone. Although it felt natural, but it is important to know the cause. It may be that your busy lifestyle that makes the brain easily forget.

Living in urban identical paced lifestyle complex, challenging, and in a hurry. These then make it difficult brain processes information, including in storing information.

More recently, a group of Scottish scientists invent a name for this condition, namely Busy Lifestyle Syndrome.

According to the doctors at CPS Research, a clinical trial which took place in Glasgow, the syndrome is due to a solid all-round life bombarded with excess information from cell phones, television, radio, print, internet, and so on.

Research CPS spokeswoman, Angela Scott-Henderson estimates such signs is increasingly spreading. “The experience is widening attention and concentration levels to decrease. Kind of thing is increasingly common to, and have penetrated into the youth,” said Scott-Henderson.

This then triggers a variety of pharmaceutical companies to create a variety of “instant cure” that promises the ability to remember longer. Of course this is triggered by the large market of the many people who are afraid because it is often forgotten.

But that does not mean you have to worry about this. In fact, forgetting is normal. Scientific studies show, a healthy and in optimal condition may even have problems or absentmindedly forget about 30 times a week. This conclusion is found by a Finnish psychologist, Dr Maria Jonsdottir.

After examining about 189 volunteers aged 19-60 years about their habits forget something in a week, it was concluded, absentmindedness or forgetfulness someone does not mean there is something wrong with his brain.

In an increasingly crowded world of information, can not be separated from the phone, email, television, and many other things, makes people think more and more quickly. The more activities a person does, more and more they see, the more likely one to be forgetful.

So, kind of “forgot” what could be considered normal? Here are some forms of “forgetting” that can still be considered normal:

  • Lost reason to go upstairs.
  • It took me a while to remember the location of parking.
  • Forget the promise of calling back a co-worker at work in the house disturbed children who are not being well.
  • Just put the stuff but then forget its location.
  • Forgot to say random stuff a friend the day before.
  • Forget the name of the person who just introduced.
  • For a moment forget the name of a thing to be expressed.

These things can happen in the short-term memory because we are so easily distracted, said Dr. Oliver Cockerell, neurological consultant at The London Clinic.

“Our brain will know the important things that should be kept in long-term memory. So, when we were climbing the stairs, and forget why we’re on the top floor was actually just to take the book, the brain is first erase its memory so that no residual space to remember the more important things, “said Dr. Cockerell.

But, indeed, stress, sadness, lack of sleep can also affect memory, as well as trying to remember various things in an instant.

According to experts, these symptoms should begin to forget who started worrying concern because:

  • Perform tasks multitasking began to feel difficult. For example, a chef reliable feel to make chicken soup as a very difficult task.
  • It’s hard to recognize the real stuff regularly. For example, it is difficult to locate the actual park has been prepared especially for you.
  • Forget the name colleagues and close friends.
  • It is difficult to recognize faces, colors, shapes, and words.
  • Repeating the same question within less than half an hour.
  • There is a change of personality, for example, who was delighted to be a very private person.
  • Finding certain items in a location that is not supposed to, then do not remember why it was put in the awkward spot.

The things above could be one of the common symptoms, such as depression, stress, or lack of concentration. However, it could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s. However, when you realize there is a problem of memory, you are less likely to have dementia.

Here are the symptoms that must be aware of:

  • Asking someone to make tea when you’ve just made yourself.
  • Forget the name of the grandson, but the memory of childhood is very clear in the head.
  • Do not know how to do the chores, like washing dishes.
  • Can not remember the order of the family.
  • Troubled in terms of everyday life, example: a trench coat in the summer.
  • Can not distinguish objects daily.
  • Unable to recognize close friends and family.
  • Store items in awkward places, for example, put the kettle under the bed, or a wallet in the refrigerator.
  • Feeling disorientation of time and location. They are often found myself in a location that is not recognized.

The things above can be signs of Alzheimer’s. Patients with this disease can not change the short-term memory into long term memory.

The examples above are not definitive reference. It is advisable to consult a doctor if you have forgotten the condition began to worry.

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