Body Signs Positive HIV (2)

Body Signs Positive HIV

HIV is a deadly disease.

The amount of HIV virus in the blood may provide some health problems.

Let’s find out what are the common symptoms when a person infected with the HIV virus, as quoted from (01/04).


Some of the most serious symptoms of HIV is attacking the respiratory system. Type of pneumonia that is often associated with HIV is a special type of pneumonia called PCP, which patients often have a cough or shortness of breath.

Sweating at night.

In the early stages of a person infected with HIV, half the patients had to sweat at night. Although not related to temperature or not an activity that sweat, like sports.

Nail changes.

Another sign of HIV is to be wary of nail changes, such as thickening of the nail, nail melengkuk, until discoloration. Often the condition is caused by fungal infections, such as candida. “The immune system declines, make a person susceptible to fungal infections,” said Dr. Malvestutto.

Mouth infections.

Another fungal infection is often experienced by a mouth infection candida. “It usually comes in the mouth or throat, making it difficult to swallow food,” explains Dr. Malvestutto.

Difficulty concentrating.

The HIV virus can also be an impact on the brain that lead to cognitive problems. In addition to difficulty concentrating, irritability HIV patients and irritable, clumsy, difficult to coordinate and have difficulty experiencing activities related to motor neurons, such as writing.


Sudden onset of herpes in the mouth or a sign of a person’s s*x organs positive for HIV, and late-stage HIV infection. A weakened immune system makes a person infected with HIV is infected with herpes.


HIV can also cause numbness and tingling in the feet and hands. This condition is called peripheral neuropathy, which also occurs in people with diabetes. “These conditions indicate that nerve damage has occurred,” explained Dr. Malvestutto.

Irregular periods.

In women, the effects of the HIV virus can cause irregularities in the menstrual period. These changes may be associated with weight loss and quality of deteriorating health. In fact, women with HIV infection may experience premature menopause, around the age of 47-48 years.

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