Beware, Stomach Acid Up!

Beware Stomach Acid Up

Spicy food is good, but if you often feel ‘full’ in the stomach after eating it? Be careful, there may be a problem with your stomach acid.

If not sure, here are some causes uncontrollable stomach acid.

Irregular eating patterns. Eating habits of delay time in between jobs? From now on, leave this habit because of irregular eating patterns become major cause of acid reflux.

Get used to fit in time to eat healthy snacks interludes.

High stress levels. Depressed mind can lead to stress and be one of the factors that affect your health, especially the acid levels in the stomach.

When stressed, automatic production of excess stomach acid into the stomach causing uncomfortable.

Fatty and acidic foods. Often culinary tour? Do not be greedy! Fat-laden dairy foods can stimulate gastric acid levels rise.

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