Beware, 10 Location Most Dirty in Restaurant!

10 Location Most Dirty in Restaurant

Enjoy the food at the restaurant is a modern lifestyle. Simply sit down, order a meal, and the dish be presented. Practical and not have to bother, do not be surprised if more and more flourishing restaurant business. Coupled with the hobby culinary tour, then the existence of the restaurant is not just a hunger relief.

As a place serving food, restaurants, cafe, or whatever his name is always promoting hygiene. But a recent report said that the restaurant looked very clean, still has the dirtiest place.

Investigation ABC News at 10 restaurants in three states shows that there are 10 dirtiest places in the restaurant. Lemon wedge garnish is the dirtiest dish that is often contaminated human waste. This shows poor hygiene of the restaurant workers, even the kitchen staff. Meanwhile, the 10 places in the dirtiest restaurant there below, reported NewsMaxHealth.

10. Forceps vegetable / fruit salad

9. Bottle of ketchup / sauce

8. Sink faucet

7. Bathroom doorknob

6. Rim of the glass

5. Table

4. Salt and pepper

3. Sliced lemon garnish

2. Books menu

1. Seat

These findings must be considered so that you stay healthy during enjoying the food at the restaurant. If the lemon slices many found human feces, the visitor chair is often found bacteria E. coli. Eat tasty at a restaurant is okay, but always consider the cleanliness of the place where you will be eating the meal.

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