Benefits of sapodilla fruit for the body

Benefits of sapodilla fruit for the body

Sapodilla fruit is well known by most people in Indonesia. When ripe, the fruit is brown and oval shaped is pretty sweet. Fiber quite feel on the tongue. The seeds are long flat slip between flesh. Originally estimated sapodilla fruit from Central America that eventually spread and become a commodity in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Malaysia. A mature sapodilla tree can bear fruit even up to 2,000 fruits per year.

Not complete if it does not discuss the content of nutrients in sapodilla fruit. Behind its small tu, sapodilla fruit bring many health benefits. Quoted from NutritionAndYou,

The following is various medical facts from sapodilla fruit:

1. Eating 100 grams of sapodilla fruit will provide energy to 83 calories and 5.6 grams of fiber. Fiber is good for constipation cure and help protect the intestinal mucous membrane of cancer-causing toxins.

2. Sapodilla fruit is rich in antioxidant polyphenols such as tannins. Tannins useful as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparasitic. Therefore, sapodilla fruit suitable for diarrhea, hemorrhoids, to stop the bleeding. Tannins in sapodilla fruit also helps overcome erosive gastritis, reflux esophagitis, enteritis, and intestinal disorders.

3. Sapodilla fruit contains as much as 24.5 percent of vitamin C per 100 grams. In addition, it also contains vitamin A. Both have a stake in blocking free radicals.

4. Fresh sapodilla fruit contains potassium, iron, copper, folic acid, niacin, and amino pentotenan. These compounds help various metabolic processes and the production of the body’s enzymes.

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