Benefits of Drawing for Kids

Benefits of Drawing for Kids

Drawing turned out to have a major contribution in developing reading skills of children.

As quoted from Parents Indonesia, from a study conducted on 200 children aged 3 to 4 years, it was the ability to draw is one indicator of the development of reading skills of children.

If the child continues to develop drawing skills for two years in kindergarten, then when graduate most likely the child can read, according to research.

If the child has a good drawing skills and can draw a perfect square or circle then it can be faster to read and have the ability to identify the language, password, and the letters.

Not only the ability to read, draw could also boost the ability of the child to count.

Researchers concluded that drawing has a high contribution to the development of knowledge of children in the future.

Researchers also concluded that, if the child has the ability to draw, it turns out they can focus while receiving lessons taught using words than subjects using chalk or markers. In addition researchers estimate there are other cognitive abilities that develop if the child continues to learn to draw.

So rather than using a lot of time to teach children to read, it is better to use most of the time the child to draw. Drawing and reading equally fun to be taught to children. In addition, the draw could also develop other skills.

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