Avoid Cancer with Olive Leaf

Avoid Cancer with Olive Leaf

Olive oil is taken from the squeeze of olives, has been since the first is known as a healthy food. But still rarely know that in fact, the leaves of the olive tree is also useful for health.

Content of olive tree leaves have anti-cancer carcinogens or effective to prevent the risk of cancer in the body. The compound is a compound oleuropein olive leaf benefits both for the prevention of breast cancer.

In addition, the compounds luteolin and apigenin was sinkonin anti-malarial agent. That can prevent malaria.

Quoted by FoxNews, said that olive leaf has been known as a traditional medicine for centuries past. Unfortunately, little by little the benefits of olive leaf is faded by chemical drugs that invade the modern medical world.

Is often used and is known by the public only olive oil and olive fruit. Now, various studies started again held to harness the olive leaf into medicine.

In addition to anti-cancer and malaria, olive leaf is also efficacious as anti-inflammatory or inflammatory. This means that olive leaf can prevent the onset of chronic and degenerative diseases are caused by inflammation in organs of the human body.

Olive leaf extract is also shown in animal studies to protect nerve damage. Chances are, even beneficial for stroke cases.

Well, who would want to try the benefits of olive leaf?

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