Alert, Contact Lenses Can Damage Eyes

Alert, Contact Lenses Can Damage Eyes

Contact lenses can indeed help people with vision problems to see better. However, if used for more than 10 hours a day, can carry a high risk of damaging the eye users.

Bloodshot eyes is a symptom that started many serious infections. Eyes will be deprived of oxygen as it is covered by a contact lens, so that the eye can not breathe. As a result, the eye will feel itchy and dry eyes will slowly reddened, watery, and users will find it hard to see clearly.

If you ignore the symptoms of eye redness, then you will risk permanent allergy to contact lenses. When the eye suffers from a lack of oxygen or infection, eye increased resistance to contact lens which is a foreign object.

Contact lenses can also cause blindness called “corneal opacity”. Corneal opacity formed due to scarring of the eye caused by contact lenses. This happened after numerous infections and trauma that causes patches of scarring of the cornea. Corneal opacity occurs permanently and can cause blurred vision.

Eyeball shape changes, may also occur due to contact lens attached like a second skin on the eye. In fact, contact lens users follow the shape of the eyeball, but the contact lenses will lose its original shape after a few times of use. As a result, the eyes are also affected by the shape of the contact lenses used in a long time.

To prevent damage from contact lenses, vision aids should support the appearance that it is not used for more than eight hours per day, as reported by Boldsky page.

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