7 Foods that can defuse anger

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Nutrients in certain foods it can create a relaxed mood, so if you feel any anger will subside.

Whereas in the past, you’ve read the article about the types of foods triggers anger, then it’s time you know the type of food that can defuse anger.

When feeling angry, everything in front of your eyes look wrong and make it difficult to make informed decisions.

Well, before the overflowing anger and burn your heart and mind, it is better to consume these foods to moderate it.

Steamed or Baked Potatoes

Steamed potatoes (baked potatoes) is a proper diet should be consumed when you are angry. This is because these foods contain complex carbohydrates and B vitamin a powerful for lowering stress and blood pressure.

Grilled cheese

Enjoy melted cheese grilled on rye bread really fun. The combination of these two foods are not just giving calcium and carbohydrates so that the body’s energy, but it also makes your mood better.

Apples and Peanut Butter

Both of these foods can be enjoyed simultaneously. You can try it out when the hearts and minds shrouded in anger. This is because it tastes delicious can help you defuse anger.

Boiled noodles

Boiled noodles made from wheat flour rich in carbohydrates and protein is very fitting served with vegetables and eaten warm. Perceived delicacy of the food is, of course, can defuse your anger.


In addition to boiled noodles, hearty food that you can eat when angry is soup. A variety of vegetables in the soup are able to restore your energy as usual and helped defuse the anger you feel.


Banana is one of the pieces that fit to be eaten when you are angry. Why? Because potassium and vitamin B complex contained in this fruit can make your mood to be relaxed and better (anti-sad).


Walnuts high in omega-3 acids, which can make you can forget anger and be happier.

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