5 Healthy Resolutions You Must Make for Next Year

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The commitment to a healthier and fitter is not difficult to realize.

Towards the end of the year, it’s time to make resolutions. Not necessarily related to career, finances, or romance. Resolutions related to health should also be fixed to make.

No need to make a will or resolution sesquipedalian. Just five simple things and you will stay fit and healthy. The key is the commitment and seriousness to run.

1. Say no to soda

Put a glass of carbonated sugar and a promise to myself to stop buying soda next year. Not only reduce nutrients, these drinks increase the levels of sugar and calories in the body. Drink water or if you want a taste, put the lemon juice or lime juice.

2. Cooking fresh food more often

If you want to place a high priority health and lose weight. Promise yourself to cook your food. Involve more food products are fresh. The less you eat food that has been processed, you will feel more refreshed. Especially cook more vegetables.

3. Walk anywhere as much as possible

You do not need to follow a gym membership. All you need to lose weight is to walk more often. Try promised myself to do the walk at least 40 minutes a day, more often when you have time. Longer walk you can do with your dog or with your family.

4. Get rid of the scales

Of course you would think that no scales, how you will maintain and measure your weight loss. The actual figure is not important, the important thing is that you feel. If your sole concern is the number on the scale go down, you’re not going to focus on health and fitness in the long term. It is better to focus on staying active and healthy every day.

5. Go out of the room once a day

The easiest way others to make sure your move is to enjoy the fresh air. It could be raining or hot out there, but do not make it an excuse. Take time also to do outdoor activities such as visiting parks, forests nearby, or go up the mountain. Fresh air is good for your mood and your health.

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