4 Food Triggers Anger


Lots of eating tomatoes, cayenne pepper, wheat, coffee and dairy products is believed to trigger anger.

Maybe you need to consider to avoid some foods that can trigger anger.

What is it? Here’s the explanation as quoted by How Stuff Works, Wednesday (12/05).


Drinking too much coffee is not only bad for health, but also the negative impact of excessive energy. In the end, the coffee addicts will have a tendency to shed excess energy by anger. Therefore, limiting the consumption of coffee or switch to green tea make you more calm.


Actually, tomatoes are a healthy food, but when consumed in excess will make you into a grumpy. To avoid this, should you need to limit the consumption of this fruit.

Cayenne pepper

Spicy chili sauce makes your body heat, so do not add to the anger because of body heat due to eating chili. In addition, cayenne pepper are also commonly reported cause digestive problems, especially for people who have a sensitive stomach.

Wheat and Dairy

Too much eating wheat and dairy products can trigger inflammation in the brain. As a result, you are more irritable when eating wheat and dairy products in large quantities.

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