3 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

3 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

Changing behavior, counseling, and turned attention to positive activities can help you to leave the habit of smoking.

Quitting smoking is the right decision for a healthier life. Although the decision is not always easy to do.

However, you should still determined to realize the decision, because quitting smoking addition to healthful can also lower the risk of various diseases.

Here are the 3 best ways to quit smoking:

Change Your Routine

Thinking about positive activities is more valuable than smoking. For example, if you usually smoke after dinner, try a 20 minute walk or wash dishes to distract you. If you are tempted to smoke, try chewing on some fruits and vegetables or drinking ice cold water. Research shows that making behavioral changes can help people quit smoking.

Combine Multiple Approaches

Studies show that you are twice as likely to quit permanently if there is a major partner and the support of a structured smoking cessation program with drugs or nicotine replacement therapy. Chewing gum, inhalers or lozenges may help to gradually reduce your nicotine intake.

The same also applies to electronic cigarettes. Cigarettes are battery operated, turning nicotine into vapor. Recent research has found that e-cigarettes can inhibit lung function, respiratory tract irritation and contain cancer-causing chemicals. Thus electronic cigarettes are equally harmful to the body.

Online Counseling

Support is very important, but not necessarily face-to-face. Research suggests that the program over the internet can be just as effective as counseling. Two of the best sites are the National Cancer Institute SmokeFree.gov and the American Lung Association’s Freedom from Smoking online.

Both provide fast service counselor for 24 hours. There are steps to stop, and you will be connected with people who are also trying to break the habit. Good luck!

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