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Development of science that addresses anti-aging increasingly sophisticated. However, many simple things you can actually do to keep skin youthful.

Managers Resort Spa and Wellness Cosmetics Lefay, Febrizo Castellani, gives 10 simple tips for you. Here it is, quoted from Premium Europe on Tuesday (18/12).

1. Note the type of food

Low-fat diet is needed to slow aging. You are advised to eat fruits and vegetables at least five pieces a day. The habit of eating fruits and vegetables is very positive increase skin firmness. Therefore, many of the nutrients contained in them.

Fruits and vegetables help reduce acidity in the body. They provide a high amount of water, vitamins, minerals, and fiber is important.

2. Reduce smoking

There is a right to health reasons to quit smoking, namely as a means of slowing the signs of aging. Strong smoking habits greatly affect the skin, inside and outside the home. Smoking also causes premature aging.

3. Many drinking water

Drinking water can cleanse the skin from unhealthy substances in the body. At least, you are advised to drink 1.5 liters of water every day.

4. Enough sleep

Sleep is the greatest healer of all diseases. If your skin could talk, he would like to thank those of you who have regularly slept seven hours a night.

Schedule regular meals and sleep the body needs to rest. You should avoid eating after 21.00 pm. Try to sleep a maximum of 23:00 pm.

5. Not too often in the sun

Sunlight is the external factors that directly contribute to premature skin aging. You try not too often under direct sunlight.

If forced to, then do not forget to wear a minimum SPF cream on your hands. This will minimize the effects of aging caused by direct sunlight. (To be continued)

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