10 Natural Ways to Cure Swollen Feet

10 Natural Ways to Cure Swollen Feet

Yoga, magnesium supplements, and soak the feet with salt water can cure swollen feet.

There are many things that cause your feet and ankles became swollen or edema.

For example, due to obesity, high blood pressure, or pregnancy.

Edema itself is a condition that occurs when the body has trouble fighting gravity, blood and fluid gathered in the distance.

Edema itself is not dangerous, but it’s uncomfortable when used for walking.

Well, to heal, you can try the natural way, as quoted from Care2, Tuesday (01/08).

1. Magnesium supplements

Magnesium deficiency can cause swelling in the legs. So try to take magnesium supplements regularly. But if you are pregnant, it is better to consult the issue with your doctor.

2. Yoga

Exercise can improve blood circulation, while yoga is one way to move your body and focus on the circulatory system. Yoga is flexible enough to do, for example, by studying themselves through video or take a yoga class.

3. Tonic water

Soak feet in tonic water (carbonated beverages containing quinine). It is a natural way to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the foot and leg swelling slowly heals.

4. Orange oil

There are two things you can do to cure swollen legs with orange oil. The trick, put a few drops of orange oil into a tub of water. Alternatively, you can also rub a swollen leg with orange oil.

5. Salt water

Just like orange oil, salt water can also be used as an alternative to cure swollen feet. If the swelling is severe enough, the shower is a better option so that the foot can be healed as normal.

6. Massage

Massage therapy is also a good thing to do as long as you really handled by people who are experts in the therapy. They will know how to cure it in no time. For pregnant women, try contacting an expert special massage for pregnant women.

7. Health stockings

Medical stockings sold in the market. These special socks and recommended to be used to cope with swollen feet. You could consider buying pantyhose health.

8. Leg lift

Since gravity is the cause of the edema, then try to lift the legs higher than the body. For example, lying on the bed and prop your legs with pillows.

9. Swim

Swimming also helps you heal swollen feet. This is because swimming makes the foot continues to move and float in the water helps the body to better fight gravity.

10. Drinking water

Lastly, do not be lazy to drink water so that your feet are not swollen. If you get bored with water, you can add the cucumber and lemon into it. Since both of these foods are anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory).

If some natural effort had not yet produced results, consult with your doctor.

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