10 Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation (3)

10 Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation (3)

WASHINGTON – The nights without sleep can lead to excess weight gain and impaired brain function. If you are having trouble sleeping, there is need for you to know some of the effects from lack of sleep. Following the last exposure, cited SymptomFind, Thursday (01/31).

8. Impaired memory and brain function

Lack of sleep can impair brain function. Including, disrupting the passage of information and your mindset. This will reduce your ability to make decisions quickly and complete the tasks that were originally only modest.

Lack of sleep can also impair your memory. For, during the sleep cycle, there was a time when the brain is supposed to consolidate and re-organize your memory. If you do not sleep, the reordering of memory that will not happen that make you become a forgetful. This of course lowers your memory.

9. Decreased alertness

If you are sleepy, your mind feels foggy and difficult to deal with shocks. Feeling foggy means you will be less alert. You can decrease the level of vigilance of more than 32 percent, according to research conducted by WebMD. This can lead to decreased performance at work or school.

10. The risk of accidents increases

Lack of sleep causes a decrease in alertness and ability to concentrate. When you are driving a vehicle, it can be very dangerous when you are behind the wheel. Many car accidents caused by drivers falling asleep or driver fatigue.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States, car accidents occur at least 100 thousand times per year. A total of 1550 deaths, 71 thousand injuries, and all due to the driver drowsy. That is, drowsiness may increase the risk of accidents when you drive.

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